Tuesday, December 30, 2008

January Design Team Entry!

This was more stressful than I anticipated it to be. I knew what I wanted to scrap but I had difficulty creating it. I hope it gets easier next month!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Two Scrapbook Friends Sketch Contest

This is my entry for the "O Christmas Tree" sketch contest. I took pictures of a few of my favourite tree ornaments (of course, I rec'd a few new ones this year so I may have to do a second layout!), I had fun using Basic Grey's Wassail collection, I decided to cut all the little patchwork type triangles from the paper called "tree lot" to form my tree, curling all the outer edges. I think it turned out kind of fun and funky! Anyway take a look and let me know what you think....

Journalling reads ....

8 Things I love about Christmas

1. I love shopping for the perfect gift for the people I care about.
2. I love wrapping all the gifts.
3. I love decorating the house, both inside and out.
4. I love that Ian and I exchange a new ornament each year.
5. I love watching The Santa Claus Movie every Christmas Eve with the children.
6. I love having our whole family join us for Christmas dinner.
7. I love going to the Santa Claus parade with a big thermos of hot chocolate and a batch of fresh
made chocolate chip cookies.
8. I love watching the children open their gifts on Christmas morning.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seasons Greetings!

This is the centrepiece I just made for my Christmas
dinner table, I love the way Poinsettias look as a cut
flower, and they last for quite some time!

Wishing everyone a very happy Holiday Season that
is filled with joy and peace!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blog Award!

I was awarded this wonderful blog award, by Karan my two Scrapbook Friends Design Team Leader! Thanks Karan (http://www.karangerber.blogspot.com/)! How excited am I?!?! The rules for winning this award indicate I must bestow it on other deserving blogs, that shouldn't be hard!
So here goes...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Teacher's Gift

Timmy's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Manzo, is a wonderful lady that always goes above and beyond for her students. Last year at the end of the school year she had the children perform the song "A - you're adorable" it was very sweet and made all of us parents cry. Since she keeps all her kindergarteners for both their JK and SK years, she has Timmy again this year. So for her Christmas present I decided to make her a mini album she could use for her two young daughters, with the lyrics to this song throughout. Here are some pics of the album.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's official, he's growing up!

I'm not sure who told him he was allowed to, but he is deinitely growing up. Timmy lost his first tooth yesterday. I'm glad his little tooth box has come in handy as I shed a tear that my last baby, is not much of a baby anymore. Looking on the positive side, this phase he is entering is wonderful as a mother. Five and six year old boys sooo love their moms. I think I have heard "I love you Mom" at least a dozen times a day in the last weeks and have received many, many little love notes from him. too. I even found one on a rather important document, oh well it's there to stay now!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I have been tagged.....

Karan Gerber tagged me.....

so I need to list seven random or weird facts about myself....

1. I have a passion for home decor, especially antiques and almost anything old and / or distressed. I dislike almost everything modern. I only wish my budget was as big as my passion.

2. I am a huge collector, actually so is my husband... I collect milk glass, dishware oh and maybe shoes, not to mention scrapping stuff! My husband collects old scales and swords. We also collect (or refuse to throw away) all the home decor mags we buy (yes he buys some too) and all the scrapping mags I buy. So much so that while he is finishing our basement he is building in bookcases for our mags and display units for his swords!

3. I have a strong need to be organized. I dislike losing things or wasting time looking for things (okay it kinda makes me nuts!) so I need to make sure everything has a place. I also need to have events, extracurricular activities, meetings etc. organized so I am a faithful user of the calendar on my laptop. I even use it to remind myself to do little things around the house. My hubby and kids tease me about being OCD or anal retentive, but admit that they actually benefit from my need to be organized.

4. I volunteer in my little Timmy's kindergarten every Monday (and have for the past year and a half) doing things like prep work, one to one work with children who need help and crafts. It is a busy, busy day but I love it, it makes me feel useful! I am not sure how his teacher is able to get her prep work done as there is so much to do in the primary grades, and top that with how much extra she does for and with the children, she is amazing and we are very lucky to have her as Timmy's teacher. And I am thankful she lets me come to school, too! Actually, I am already starting to stress about what I will do with myself when Timmy is in full time school next year, I wonder if the kindergarten teacher will still let me volunteer one day a week?

5. We are a foster family, to both short term and long term children and have had close to 50 children in our home over the last 10 years. It can be challenging work but is also very rewarding. We are very strong advocates for the needs of the children in our care. With 3 boys of our own and and our 2 foster sons, this is a very busy household (not to mention full of testosterone!).

6. My hubby, Ian, makes he and I a quiet dinner for two ,once a week. Usually we have it on swimming lesson night. We give the kids an early dinner before swimming then run off to our lessons. Once we are home and the kids are settled for the night, we have our dinner and a glass of wine. It has become a wonderful way to spend time together, and a luxury to have a conversation without interruption! It's a little pampering I truly enjoy. Actually if truth be told he does the bulk of the cooking on a daily basis, but dinner for two is always special!

7. Every time I think of Timmy's (5 yrs old) wiggly tooth (first one!) I get weepy! Last baby syndrome I guess, but I am truly enjoying the phase he is at now and am not ready for him to grow up.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Card Holders

These are two cards that I made, borrowing an idea from Future Shop, when you open the card all the way the gift card is pulled up from behind the little inset pocket!

Another card with the same idea!

And another.

This idea was borrowed from the LCBO!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A new ornament for me to cherish!

My little Timmy and his friend, Jacob and I made these ornaments for the boys to give their parents (okay I did promise to act surprised!) on Tuesday. I loved the way they turned out, the boys did such a great job, are they ever getting crafty!!

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Well, I have to confess I am a sucker for Christmas decorations! My husband, Ian and I have been giving each other a Christmas ornament each year for as long as we have been married. We also give our children an ornament each year. So, when you top that with all the ornaments that I buy simply because I love them, it amounts to dozens and dozens! So much so that we put up two trees! I have the kids put all the non-breakable ornaments on one tree. And I decorate the other one with all the treasures I have rec'd from Ian, over the years. This year it took me about 3 hours to decorate my tree!

My tree.

The stockings hung on the stairs as we don't have a mantel.

The chandeliers.

Ian's nutcracker collection. the kids' tree

the front of the house