Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's official, he's growing up!

I'm not sure who told him he was allowed to, but he is deinitely growing up. Timmy lost his first tooth yesterday. I'm glad his little tooth box has come in handy as I shed a tear that my last baby, is not much of a baby anymore. Looking on the positive side, this phase he is entering is wonderful as a mother. Five and six year old boys sooo love their moms. I think I have heard "I love you Mom" at least a dozen times a day in the last weeks and have received many, many little love notes from him. too. I even found one on a rather important document, oh well it's there to stay now!

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  1. oh just wait, when my guys started to lose their teeth, they seemed to lose one after the other....i thought they were losing too many, but their adult teeth seemed to want to come in...time does fly doesnt it...


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