Sunday, January 11, 2009

An evening of Scrapbooking!

Last night I was invited to my friend Elaine's house, most of the "Scrappin' Bitches" were getting together for an evening of scrapbooking. So I packed up some stuff to work on, made a lemon loaf to bring, settled in the kids for the evening with a movie and big brother, Jon, in charge (Ian was also going out with friends) and off I went. I had great intentions of completing a layout, but after trimming my photos and making only a couple of cuts of my patterned paper, that's where my good intentions ended. I enjoyed good food, a nice red wine, catching up with the girls and lots of lots of laughs. In the end the 'girl time therapy' was much more important and beneficial for me than a completed layout. After a long and busy week it was exactly what I needed and has given me the energy to get through a couple of more weeks. I must say all this snow and bitter cold are not on my top ten list of favourites, when the kids don't want to go out as much to burn off steam and energy the house becomes a much noisier place. And I can't really blame them, for I am a summer baby myself! I know it's only January and this is Canada, but I am looking toward spring and missing my years in Florida a little more this year. Maybe it's an age thing!!

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