Friday, January 23, 2009

Friendzy Friday

I have been asked to participate in a new weekly blog post for the Two Scrapbook Friends blog. Every Friday one of the three of us participating will post a tip, technique or storage idea under the title Friendzy Friday. This week was my turn, and this is my post....

How to Alter Buttons.....

Turning a button into an epoxy type embellishment with patterned paper is quick and seimply and oh so flexible.

Choose a neutral button and a piece of patterned paper that coordinates with your layout.

Trim the patterned paper, around your button using a craft knife.
You can tidy up your trimming with scissors if need be.

Coat your button’s flattest side with Glossy Accents.
Apply your cut out paper circle. The final step is coating the paper on top of the button with Glossy Accents, making sure not to allow any bubbles to form. Let dry a couple of hours.

Voila! You have a shiny little accent reminiscent of an epoxy sticker that perfectly coordinates with the paper you choose for your layout.

Alternately, if you don’t happen to have a button on hand that coordinates with your layout, you can make one very simply with a clear button and cardstock. On the occasion that I have not had a perfectly coordinating button, I can fake it!!

Trace around a clear button with a craft knife on cardstock.
Coat the back of a clear button with Glossy Accents, being careful to avoid bubbles.Affix your little cut out circle.

You will want to use a paper piercer to poke the button’s holes through the paper backing. I recommend putting your thread through the button before the Glossy Accents is dry just to make sure the button holes don’t get filled in with Glossy Accents.

Make them both for a beautifully matched set!

(Just an extra thought, I have also done the clear button technique and then sanded the top of the button for a frosted or sandblasted look, it took seconds and looked kind of cool. It will also tone down the colour a bit if you want your button less vibrant.)

Now I must confess, after writing up this technique. taking pics while I created these two embellies (which was no small feat with only two hands!) I ran across a similar technique when I sat down to read the latest issue of Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. Boy was I bummed! Oh well, c'est la vie!


  1. Fabulous tutorial Laura! I can't wait to try out these great techniques!

  2. great job on this Laura, and thank you so much for being a part!


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