Monday, January 05, 2009

This is where I belong

I have been meaning to do this layout for quite sometime, although in hindsight I am glad I waited... The journaling reads as follows.....

Timmy, after we found out that you were going to be ours forever, Dad & I began to make plans to give you a room that was perfectly you.

Dad made you a window seat to store your toys under and curl up and read on top of. I made a cushion for the seat and stacked lots of comfy pillows on it.

Dad added a chair rail and display shelves for your collections, then he painted them all out white.

I chose a beautiful quilt that was fun and spunky just like you and Dad painted the walls two colours from the quilt, to make it a bright and cheerful place.

Dad built a window valance and I upholstered it to match your quilt then I made curtains to match your window seat.

The icing on the cake came when we found an old sign that read “This is where I belong”. Dad and I knew that we had to buy it to hang over your bed. For you are where you truly belong.

Just like your adoption, our forever boy, your room is built with love. 2005

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  1. Hi Laura, I love your pages and especially the journalling.


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