Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My week has been a little off.

This week my week has been a little off, I have a head cold and have felt run down. I haven't felt like doing house work or even my workout. Being so idle affects my sleep, I don't sleep well if I don't workout so then I've been tired on top of it all. By day 3, I am ashamed to admit I just end up feeling sorry for myself.

I am looking forward to Saturday, I will be attending a day crop with my girlfriends. The day crop is a fundraiser for Crohn's and Colitis. I know that if I don't get out of my funk by Saturday, it will disappear once I hook up with the gals that morning! Nothing like some girl time to cure what ails you! Especially when there is scrapbooking involved!!

On a positive note, I did spend time this week researching and booking a Disney vacation for my husband and I and two of our boys (Timmy,5 and Jon, 17)! I think I am looking forward to it as much as the kids are, if not more! We haven't been since Jon was 3 and I have wanted to go back with him ever since, but it was never the right time, you know how life has a tendency to get in the way. Anyway, we don't travel til August as my DH can only take his holidays in the summer. It will be hot and busy, but I don't care because it will be magical! We will be flying this time and that is new for us, my boys have never flown so that will be an adventure, too!

It looks like we will be travelling with friends as well, so that's wonderful! Timmy has a little friend in kindergarten named, Avery, she is an adorable, fun and spunky little thing and we have been fortunate enough to become friends with her family. As both our families are foster families we have a lot in common and relate well to one another. I am looking forward to spending this time with my hubby and my boys and such great friends!


  1. Sending some get well vibes your way, Laura!:)

  2. So glad to hear you booked your trip. You will all have a blast.
    Have a great time tomorrow with the rest of the group. I'll be thinking of all of you. Hope you're feeling better by then.

  3. Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful! Don't feel bad about the timing, we will be in Florida in July for CHA! Could they have picked somewhere hotter?

    Take care of yourself and have a great time scrapbooking tomorrow!

  4. WE are excited about the trip, and so glad glad to be travelling with our friends the Whitakers!
    Love the stuff you have jealous!


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