Friday, March 13, 2009

I have been tagged!

Joanne of Two Scrapbook Friends tagged me in the fourth folder / fourth picture game. The instructions are to go to the fourth file in your picture folder. Then choose the fourth picture and post it on your blog.

As silly as this picture is, I really like it. I recently came across this picture again, it was taken about a year ago at Fran's diner in Toronto. Ian and I took Timmy away for the weekend last year to do some fun kid stuff. If you know the dynamics of our family, you'd know that Timmy spends a large amount of his time with his teeenaged brothers. He was showing signs of needing to be a little kid. Ian and I were all too happy to oblige and act like kids again ourselves. We stayed at a nice hotel with an indoor pool, visited Medieval times, the ROM and a few other places, too. We had a great time! As parents we didn't need to worry about cooking or cleaning just playing, it was exactly what Timmy needed. Hmm, makes me think we should do it again!!

I recently was looking through my files for pictures to put on a "You & Me" layout that I did at a class at 2SF, this was one picture that I chose to add to the layout. What struck me as sad is, that out of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pictures we have of Timmy, there were only approximately 18 of him and I together. I can only blame myself for this as I hate to have my picture taken... but I have vowed to change this as I want him to remember the good times we have together, I think I will make this a belated New Years Resolution!

Now I am going to tag a couple of more people to see what results they will have in the fourth folder / fourth picture game will be ... Michelle and Cheryl, you have been tagged.

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