Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Little Man ...

... is 6 today! Happy Birthday and St. Patrick's Day, Timmy! I love you, monkey! Today we celebrate your birth... six years ago; tomorrow, March 18th, we celebrate the day you came home to us ...six years ago; and July 5th we celebrate the day you became forever ours... three and a half years ago. Has it really been that long, seems only a minute sometimes.

This is Timmy having a mini birthday celebration with his friend, Avery (or "my love", as he refers to her!). Avery cannot make it to Timmy's birthday party as she will be out of town, so she stopped by today with her Mom, Heather, and baby sister, Alora with some surprises for Timmy including this decorated giant cookie! How sweet is that! Thank you Martin clan, we are blessed to have such wonderful and giving friends.

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