Thursday, March 26, 2009


Check out the counter, 8 sleeps until the 2SF weekend retreat at the Oakwood Inn in Grand Bend!! I am way too excited! I'm not ready and my weekend is full of kid stuff (well except one scrap night!) and I have an extra kidlet for the weekend. On top of that we are on call! Which means you never can tell what can happen! So that just adds to the craziness I call my life!! It's all good!

I am however, a little concerned about the retreat this time around. Last time, I went with a group of girlfriends and they were the only people I knew at the retreat, tho we met a few new scrappy friends that weekend. We had such a blast. You may have seen us, we were the ones in the cute matching T's and yes we will don them again this time! It's all part of the fun! Buuutt, this time I have "met" several of you through the 2SF forum and this is were my worries lie, I cannot see more than 4-5 feet in front of me at best, so if I don't recognize you right off the hop, please don't feel offended, it's not intentional. (I have had times where I didn't recognize my husband or best friend across the street!!) I am gonna try my best but if I miss you please tell me so! Okay? Thanks!! Oh and this goes for Scrapfest, too! I really appreciate it!! See ya in a week!!!

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