Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shower Card

My friend, Heather, is having a baby boy in May! Her family is hosting a shower for her in April, but unfortunately I cannot attend (it's the spring retreat weekend!). I spent some time today making this card to go along with the gift I am sending. It turned out too cute to wait to post it in April ,so I thought I'd give a sneak peak now. I saw this idea in an old issue of Papercrafts magazine and modified it a little. The rattle on this card has a clear top, made with an acetate sheet, inside are some little buttons that are free floating to make the shaker aspect.

Oh by the way, heather if you see this act surprised when you receive this card!! lol

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  1. I love it - especially the shaker with buttons!! I am sure that your friend will be delighted that you made this for her.


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