Wednesday, May 27, 2009

April showers bring May flowers...

and some May showers don't hurt either! I took a few minutes to poke around my gardens and noticed how beautiful everything is becoming as it comes to life after a long winter's nap. Gardening can be a lot of work, but I thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of it, it is such a peaceful place to relax.

We are big "porch sitters" especially when it's quiet after all the kiddies have gone to bed.... it's a great place to sit, with a glass of wine or cup of tea and while away an hour or two, catching up after a busy day and just enjoying each other's company. I am always amazed at what we have grown, as the yard was bare of anything green when we moved in 5 years ago. Whether on the front porch or the back patio there is always a lovely view.

The apple tree is full of blossoms, we may get some fruit this year! Last year we got one beautiful apple, lol. Timmy thought it was pretty awesome.

The lilac is stunning and smothered in blooms, when the family room window is open the fragrance of lilac fills the room. The spirea, a rescued shrub from a plot of land that was being bulldozed, loves it's new home and has a lovely array of colours depending on the season. the little Snowberry bush looks like a dead stick each spring and is already looking so soft and pretty, but as winter approaches it really holds it's own as the leaves take on a pinkish hue and it is covered with little soft pink and white berries.

This little rudbeckia, grows about 8 feet every summer and is covered in a mass of yellow daisy-like flowers. It is our little ode to Ian's Dad, our boys call it Poppa's flowers as he gave us a piece of this, from his own garden, prior to his passing almost 14 years ago, and we have taken a piece of it to every house we have owned and added it to the garden. At this house it was a starting point to the garden and it brings us joy to watch it come to life each spring and remember what an amazing man and excellent gardener he was.

Timothy's little oak tree is lovely and healthy, despite having to be move to accommodate his swing set. Poor planning on my part, what are you going do! Timmy has enjoyed caring for this tree since he was barely able to hold the hose.

The weigela are amassed with beautiful pink blooms, so many that you could never count them, and always make for a stunning display for a few weeks. They look so pretty next to my picket fence.

The viburnum are doing well, they flower a little later in the season with flat white clusters of flowers that remind me of Queen Anne's lace, the flowers then turn to clusters of deep blue berries in the fall which are equally pretty to look at. This bed used to hold 3 equal sized vibernum but two summers ago the peat moss in this flower bed spontaneously combusted because of the hot dry weather we had been having (I kid you not there were a few of these in our neighbourhood that week, some of which were so bad the fire department was called in) so the roots of one of the vibernum were badly burned, the shrub itself suffered a lot of smoke damage and the whole thing died off. As it was late in August we decided to trim it back and see what came of it the next spring... amazingly a small section survived and it is making a slow but healthy come back and even tho my anal retentive side is a little bothered by the lack of symmetry in these shrubs I could not bear to move it and plant a bigger shrub because the poor little thing has come through so much. These vibernum make the porch feel secluded and private when you are relaxing in one of our black wicker armchairs... see you can't even tell they are there! And everyday one of the perennials starts shooting up in the bed beneath.
The Sandcherry tree has loads of tiny pink flowers on it that are so pretty and delicate, I'd love to be able to use them on a scrapbook page as an embellishment.
Even the planter boxes and hanging baskets are well on their way. The gardens are coming along very nicely this year ... and I haven't even mentioned the two side gardens with hosta, daisies, dogwoods, lily of the valley, ferns and holly. Nor have we put our seedlings in the ground that Timmy started for us, they will have to go in this week if the rain stops for a while. Not to mention the herbs and veggies that will be planted in the next couple of weeks.
Oh, I think I need to make a pot of tea and take out a scrapbook magazine and sit and enjoy the beauty and fragrances while it lasts and while it's quiet at home (it is a school day after all). And I can plan the next things to do on the garden "to do" list.... add more soil, pull the weeds, plant veggies, herbs and seedlings, choose what type of edging to put on the side beds, choose some sort of awning or canopy for the back patio, mow the lawns.

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  1. What a lovely yard and home! I can see all the love that has gone into your gardens and I can understand why you like to sit on your porch and enjoy it! Thanks for sharing.


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