Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hoping all you amazing Mom's had a great day.... you deserve it!!!

Mom, Mommy, Momma and Mother are some of the most wonderful things a woman can be called. Although being a Mom is the most challenging "job" there ever was, it is also the most rewarding, and one that will continue through the ages.

These challenges change with the day, the week and the year... depending on the needs of our children at the time. This job keeps us active and our minds racing with how to best meet the needs of our family at any given time.

This week I am dealing with how to best meet the needs of my little handsome (Timmy) who is asthmatic. I am struggling with feeling like he is a human guinea pig, trying out different meds to find one that meets his medical needs without giving him undesirable side effects. The last med he was on made him hyper and too aggressive. I had a wonderful, amazing, lovely little boy until he needed his inhaler and then he was a completely different child. Now it is a new week with a new med and he is complaining of a headache almost hourly and cannot sit still through dinner if his life depended on it.

While I appreciate that he is breathing easier and that this is crucial to his existence, I struggle with him having headaches (little ones should not have headaches on a regular basis), this is compounded by the fact that he is a migraine sufferer and has a seizure disorder.... where does a Mom draw the line? This is the most challenging aspect of being a Mom to me .... making the best choices I can for my sons. Sometimes I wish I had a medical degree, but I am thankful I was given a healthy dose of common sense. Something I inherited from my Mom, and today as I have been many times before, I am grateful to my Mom for passing it on to me. I did some research online and called the pharmacist and made an educated guess as to which med was most likely the culprit this time, and tonight we will eliminate that one from his nighttime ritual and hope for the best.

Tomorrow, or next week, I will move on to a different challenge, like the rest of you Moms, dealing with another of my sons' or fostersons' needs, and I will again be thankful to my Mom for what she has given to me. Happy Mother's Day Mom, thank you for what you have given to me over the years .... I continue to put it to good use.

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  1. Ah Laura I'm thinking of you. I hope all goes well with the elimination of the med. Life is so great when they are healthy and you almost forget about the asthma until it hits again. Good luck and sending you hugs.


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