Sunday, July 05, 2009

An anniversary of sorts

Today is the fourth anniversary of Timmy's adoption! Every year on this day we remember how lucky we are to have this little monkey! Although my heart knew the minute he came to us, at less than 24 hours old, that he was truly ours, the two and a half year wait for it to be "legal" was certainly trying at times. We love you little man and are so glad the stars eventually aligned correctly and you ended up where you belong!


  1. Congratulations Laura! Such a special milestone to mark!

  2. Congrats on celebrating such an important event! We too celebrate many important dates with our son - the day we got his referral, his Gotcha Day and the day the adoption was finalized. We even celebrated what my husband called his "threshold day" when he'd been home with us longer than he'd been with others in Korea!


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