Sunday, August 02, 2009

RAK !!!! - closed

Hello..... I am so excited! Tomorrow Ian, Timmy and I leave for Disney!!! We have been planning and saving for this trip for so long and I can hardly believe it's time to go! We haven't done a big trip since I have been on a disability pension, usually we take the kids to a rented cottage, so this trip is a pretty big deal for us. Ian and I have never flown together, I haven't flown since I was 10 years old and my family moved back to Canada from Florida. We took our big boys to Disney when they were younger and at that time we drove down and stayed at a condo off-site. Ian and I always said if we went again we would fly(such a long drive for one driver) and stay on-site, and this is it! Woo hoo! Thank goodness we have Timmy and can do it all over again!

Actually, if truth be told we are staying over in Buffalo tomorrow and then flying to Orlando on Tuesday morning! We have to be at the airport at 4 am for our 6am flights, thus the sleepover in Buffalo.

I wanted to leave you with a little something while I am away so I am offering these 8 cards with envies, as a RAK to one lucky recipient. I have even packaged them all up for you! Leave me a comment on this post and I will do a random draw on August 13th (we get home on the 11th in the evening so this gives me a day to get my act together!)

See you all when I get back, stay well!


  1. Timmy will LOVE Disney - have a great time! We were there last christmas and I already want to go back!

    Can't wait to see the pics that you scrap when you return! As always I love your creativity! I've used my cricut a few times and LOVE it!!

  2. Hello Whitakers! Just wanted to say again that we hope you all have a great time. I too look forward to seeing all the pictures when you get back.

    The Selluski's

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with all your Disney pics. What an exciting family event to scrapbook!! Enjoy!!

  4. I agree with Elaine, I am sure we will be seeing Disney pages for get togethers to come and they will be gorgeous as always! i know you guys are going to have an amazing time.

  5. i'm so excited for you laura ! its finally here! disney has scrapping stuff too ! so it will be neat to see what you get!

  6. Have a great holiday! One day I will get to Disney to meet Mickey too.

    Trish Dietrich

  7. Laura,
    Have a fabulous trip and enjoy making memories with your family. Can't wait to see the pages you scrapbook from your trip.
    Your blog candy looks fabulous. - Ann

  8. What a great trip, especially for Timmy, Hope you all have a fab. time and can't wait to see your pics all done up scrap style and looking gorgeous as all your pics look.

  9. Hey friend - I have given you a blog award! Check out my blog.


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