Friday, August 21, 2009

Friendzy Friday at Two Scrapbook Friends

It's my turn again to post a tip or technique for the Two Scrapbook Friends blog and this time I decided to tackle Bazzill's In Stitch'z, mainly because it's something that I have been meaning to try myself for quite some time now. When I was in the store at the end of July I picked up Bazzill's In Stitch'z flourish template and a package of brown and blue floss. The packages of floss come with two needles, so I figured this was enough to get me started.

The first step is using the template to pierce holes into your project, in your desired location. I used paperclips to secure the template to my paper to avoid any possibility of it shifting.

Next begin stitching through the holes, you will end up with a stitch and a space pattern. Once you have completed the entire flourish, go back over your work in reverse and this will fill in the spaces.

In my case I decided to use my flourish on a card... check out the finished product. I love flourishes and stitched flourishes add another layer of texture to your project.

This was a lot of fun and super simple... I will definitely be doing it again!


  1. Great tutorial Laura! Don't you just love stitching?

  2. love this idea ....thanks for sharing


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