Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A couple of cards... and a busy day

Wow, the first day of school was a busy one! I got my high schooler up and off, and then the four grade schoolers up and ready and headed out to the school. Honestly, I am less than thrilled at the way the school handled the new year. I have a little guy starting grade 1, a boy in grade 7 that has been at the school a few years and knows his way around and two new boys grade 6 and 8 that are brand new to us and the school. So upon arrival at the school, we expected to wait outside and have our children's names called by their new teachers and then send them off, as we have done in past. However, some changes were made and our children were taken into the school, separated by grade and the parents were forbidden to enter the building. I can tell you this was very stressful for my little guy, he wasn't sure what to do especially since he wasn't feeling the greatest starting out the day (he woke up with his eye swollen shut from a bug bite he got the night before). And our two new boys had no idea of the layout of the building and where they were to go and who any of the teachers were. YIKES! If you saw me this morning you would have known that I was less than amused.
Nice back to school picture, eh?

By the time I got back home from this fiasco it was about 9.30 am, and I had to be back at the school to pick up my two new boys at 10.00 am to take them to the doctors, this took a few hours and I returned them to the school at 2.00pm. I went home for 45 minutes and headed back to the school for the end of day pick up. If it wasn't the first day I wouldn't have bothered sending the boys back to school, but as they are new I wanted them to get as much from it as possible.
Anyway, while tucking in my little Timmy tonight, he said "I don't really think that grade one thing is going to work out for me". He is afraid that he won't have any fun, he will not have enough time to spend with me and most of his friends are not in his class. I tell him he needs to give it a good week before he decides if he likes it or not, and he says "If I don't like it after a week can I change?" To what, I am not sure and he didn't elaborate. LOL, I will keep you posted as to how this pans out!

Anyway, on a scrappy note... have a look at these cards that I made!
Have a great day!

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