Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Fun!

Today we took the four younger boys to a local apple farm for some fall fun! It was such a beautiful day, we had been planning this all week long and hoping the weather man was right in his forecast for a mild day today, and boy was he right! It was mucky, and of course Timmy fell in it, but otherwise it was a stunning day and we had so much fun!

We picked apples, went through a Haunted Barn (well not me!), went through a corn maze (Ian and I took substantially longer than the kids, we could hear Timmy yelling for us at the exit but it seemed like for ever until we got there!), pony rides (again not me!), an hay bale obstacle course, made a scarecrow for our yard, and bowled with pumpkins! So much fun!

Here is a few pics (pretty much just of Timmy as I cannot post pics of our foster sons for privacy reasons) ....


  1. Oh, lovin' the photos Laura!! and the green grass... ours is covered in 'white'.. gasp!!

  2. we did something similar to this too! lucky you your farm has pony rides! and pumpkin bowling, very cool. can't wait to hear how you display Timmy's first board break! Laura S.


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