Friday, November 27, 2009

Friendzy Friday

I have been doing a fair bit of sewing on my cards and layouts lately so i thought I should do a bit of research to see if there are some good tips out in the cyber world to share with you, as opposed to my approach of sticking my papers into the sewing machine and pressing the peddle!!
The following pictures and information were found online....
The first thing you want to consider when machine stitching on your scrapbook layouts is stitch length. Small stitches may perforate the paper so much that it is weakened, causing it to tear along the stitching. By using a longer stitch length you can add texture while maintaining the integrity of the cardstock. I know this tip, in particular, wold have been useful to me in the beginning.
Even basic sewing machines come with several choices for stitch designs including straight, zig zag, blind and button hole. Experiment on scrap pieces of cardstock to see how each stitch looks on paper.
Outline titles, journaling boxes, and photo mats. Use a straight or zig zag stitch to carefully sew around matting cardstock on focal point pieces.

Sewing around embellishments and down border strips continues the look of sewn scrapbook page layout and adds even more style.

Tearing paper prior to sewing adds even more dimension.

Hope this helps, I can't wait to see how you incorporate sewing into your projects.
Have a scrappy day!!

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