Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

This year we decided to cut down our first ever real tree. If you know me well you'd know this is a big step... I've always been afraid of the prospect of a real tree catching fire. Also, I was curious about how cutting real trees affect the environment, after doing some research (another non-surprise for my friends!) I found out that using a real Christmas tree is better for the environment than using artificial trees. So off we went on a tree cutting adventure!

This is Timmy's first choice, but we left this little guy there to grow some more... we'll come back for him in a few years. Maybe we should have named Timmy "charlie".
This one is a much better choice and Timmy begins to cut it down.
Daddy finishing the job.
Here are Timmy and Daddy carrying the tree to the wagon stop. (Aren't I ever so helpful, so far!)
I thought the wagon with the tree holders was a hoot!
Timmy is loving the ride (notice the hot chocolate mustache, we had to make a stop at Horton's before we got to the tree farm)!
The shaker... I thought this was pretty cool. It shakes all the loose needles and pinecones off the trees. I'm sure the gentleman working it thought I had just crawled out from under a rock as I had never seen one of these before!
The baler, also cool! Yup, I don't get out much!! lol

Timmy "helping" Daddy carry the tree to the van!! Ian asked me why the tree felt like it was getting heavier! Um, 'cause your kid is swinging from it!! tee hee

There, that's more helpful!
All decked out, it's a beautiful tree!
Hope you have a creative day!


  1. Beautiful and great memories! I wish we could have a real tree but we can't because of hubby's allergies. I love the smell

  2. What a fun adventure! I love real trees, but we have had an artificial one for years now. I really miss the smell and look of the real ones, so I light a pine scented candle and try to enjoy my artificial one as best as I can!


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