Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello, I hope you all had a great Christmas! It was lovely and low key around my place... just what I wished for on my Christmas list! We are busy right now though as the kids got a family trip from Santa to Kalahari indoor water park in Ohio! We leave on the 30th for four days!! woo hoo! I am super excited!
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, two of our foster children will need to stay behind (thanks Kathy for taking the boys) as their documents have not arrived in time. Santa did find out about this at the last minute and brought them a few extra surprises of their own. It sucks but we are all making the best of it.
Anyway, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of scrappy time the other evening, using a photo of our friend's (Heather and Gary) children (who are super cute I might add) and this is what I came up with. The scan is not terrific as the rose is very thick, but what can you do!!
Happy New Year, I hope you have joy and good health in the year to come!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

squeezin' in a little scrappy time

wow, it has been so busy this last little while, I'm sure you are all in the same boat! But I was feeling the need to scrap and managed to eek out a few minutes to myself. This is what I created....
We have the car all loaded up and we are ready to head off to Disney.... my little man is so excited, well in this picture that is. Just after this shot was taken he got out of the car and said he wasn't going! AAAHHHH! Timmy suffers from a bit of anxiety and even though he was so excited to go to Disney, and he counted down the days everyday starting at 142 sleeps, when the big day finally came he was too anxious to actually go! I managed to convince him that we would only go as far as Buffalo (where we stayed overnight before catching our 6 a.m. flights) and then if he was still nervous we could head back home. (Yeah right!) Anyway, we had another minor bit of anxiety after dinner in Buffalo but things calmed down after a swim and a sleep and although we left early we had a calm departure!
Hope you manage to sneak in some "me" time, amongst your festive schtuff!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

a crafty little man....

Yup, he's my crafty little man, making some treats up for his classmates! I love that he loves to craft, it's a fun way to spend time together and he tells me all about his life-happenings and dreams while we play away!
Hope you get some crafty time today!

Friday, December 18, 2009

a couple of gifts

This is a couple of sets of cards I made up as gifts... the first set is for a neighbour, who is very kind to us and has a soft spot for my children, especially Timmy whom she invites over to show him all the tricks her love bird can perform, slips him a few candies too! The second set is for a
lovely lady and friend of my mother-in-law, that has "adopted" my children as her nephews, she always brings them treats when she visits on special occasions and never fails to include our foster children. Both women are people we truly appreciate having in our lives, and we hope they enjoy sharing these little bits of handmade love with their loved ones.
Hope you have a scrappy day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a non-scrappy moment

Today was an interesting day, I had my first ever Mammogram! I won't tell you it wasn't uncomfortable, it was! The discomfort doesn't last though, pretty much once the pressure is released it's over. It was an interesting experience and I was treated very kindly by the lady taking care of me, not just as a patient or a number, but as a person.

How fortunate are we to live in Canada where we are entitled to baseline Mammograms so our doctors have a point of comparison should it ever be needed, and let's hope it never does! I will not hesitate to have another and I hope you all choose to do the same for yourselves. It's worth it and you deserve it!

Thankfully there are no pictures!

Have a safe and scrappy day!

A few gift card holders ....

I am using these little gems for the teachers and crossing guards on my list this year. We will be tucking in coffee cards, so they can treat themselves to a little caffeine to help them get through the day!
I found this idea online (can't remember where, but it is a lift of a lift of a lift.... you get the idea) although I didn't have all the correct tools, I managed to pulled off a rendition of the card that works quite well.
Basically you start with a 4 1/4 by 11 piece of cardstock ( an 8.5 x 11 cut in half lengthwise), scoring it in the centre and 3.5 inches from either end. Then you fold it in the middle and use some punches to create a slot along the centre edge, fold the two outer flaps in and adhere the centre section together using a thin strip of adhesive so there is room for your gift card to fit inside. Decorate the front and voila!! It sounds complicated but it is really super simple and takes only a bit to recreate, once you do one you can whip out a bunch lickety split!!
Hope you have a scrappy day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

This year we decided to cut down our first ever real tree. If you know me well you'd know this is a big step... I've always been afraid of the prospect of a real tree catching fire. Also, I was curious about how cutting real trees affect the environment, after doing some research (another non-surprise for my friends!) I found out that using a real Christmas tree is better for the environment than using artificial trees. So off we went on a tree cutting adventure!

This is Timmy's first choice, but we left this little guy there to grow some more... we'll come back for him in a few years. Maybe we should have named Timmy "charlie".
This one is a much better choice and Timmy begins to cut it down.
Daddy finishing the job.
Here are Timmy and Daddy carrying the tree to the wagon stop. (Aren't I ever so helpful, so far!)
I thought the wagon with the tree holders was a hoot!
Timmy is loving the ride (notice the hot chocolate mustache, we had to make a stop at Horton's before we got to the tree farm)!
The shaker... I thought this was pretty cool. It shakes all the loose needles and pinecones off the trees. I'm sure the gentleman working it thought I had just crawled out from under a rock as I had never seen one of these before!
The baler, also cool! Yup, I don't get out much!! lol

Timmy "helping" Daddy carry the tree to the van!! Ian asked me why the tree felt like it was getting heavier! Um, 'cause your kid is swinging from it!! tee hee

There, that's more helpful!
All decked out, it's a beautiful tree!
Hope you have a creative day!

Friday, December 11, 2009

december birthdays....

both one of my sons and one of my neices have december birthdays, so i got to dip into the non-festive scraps to create these two cards, which was a nice break from the red and green......

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reindeer Food

I made this cute little craft with Timmy and the children I babysit last Friday, when they were all home on a p.d. day. For the last couple of years Timmy has sprinkled this on our lawn on Christmas Eve to help Santa's reindeer find their way to our house.

Basically, you simply layer oats, sugar and red and/or green baking sprinkles in a small jar. We added a bit of fabric to our lid and wrapped it with a pipe cleaner. Then added this little poem, that I found online...

Sprinkle on the lawn at night
the moon will make it sparkle bright.
Santa's reindeer fly and roam,
this will guide them to your home.

Have a crafty day!

Monday, December 07, 2009


Time is truly an amazing thing, one day it creeps by and then before you know it, years have flown by....
Meet Jonathan, my second son, this picture was taken a few months after he was born. He was a funny little babe, full of personality and charm. For over a dozen years we thought he would be our last child (you just never can tell what will happen as time goes by), he was such a great kid, and boy did he ever love his Mom.... I must admit I love that phase!
Fast forward eighteen years and this is my Jon now. Today he turns eighteen and I simply cannot believe that enough time has passed for my little man to be an adult. I love you Jon and hope you have a wonderful birthday. And a year filled with new adventures, achievements and wishes come true.
Definitely some scrappy inspiration here! Thanks for stopping by....

Sunday, December 06, 2009

... and another one!

This is the last in a series of coordinating Christmas cards that I have made this year. I made 6 of this design, and I am so pleasantly surprised at how many cards I made from four pieces of patterned paper!
As a bonus, I made about 40 of these gift tags from the scraps leftover from the cards! How awesome is that!!

A peak at the other cards in this series.........

I made 6-8 of each design in all of the papers.

Sending scrappy thoughts your way!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

A letter to Santa...

This is the first year that Timmy truly wrote his own letter to Santa, I just love it, it is so sweet with his wonky printing (he thinks that lined paper is more of a suggestion than a rule!) and creative spelling, not to mention his wishes! Take a peak....

It reads.... " I bind good this yer. I wil like to have the movie "Up" and I wont to hav a family vacation." (Okay, I helped with the spelling of "vacation"!)

How sweet is that... I am definitely keeping a copy to scrapbook, i really hope Santa appreciates the original! (hmm just thinking, i wonder if Santa would mind if I kept the original?)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December DT Reveal at Two Scrapbook Friends

This month will be my final Design Team reveal with Two Scrapbook Friends. I have had a lot of fun during the last year, playing with the latest and greatest products, and have learned a lot about the craft, the industry and my own style. I have gained a confidence that definitely was not there prior to taking on this assignment. And while I have room to grow, still, I have decided not to apply for the team's next round, not that it was carved in stone that I would have made the team, but I have had two terms and it is time for someone else to have some fun! A special thank you Joanne and Carolyn for having me on the team for this past year!

And now for my reveal.....

This is my youngest (Timmy) at his first Christmas, cute eh? Chipboard flourish, flowers and leaves, ribbon, embroidery floss, stocking charm, and snowflake gems added from my stash.

Timmy last Christmas. Flowers, buttons and fuzzy Thickers added from my stash.

Santa Parade 2007, Timmy made a sign to hold up for Santa telling him what a "good" boy he was during the year. The highlight of the parade was Santa waving at Timmy and acknowledging his sign! Chipboard flourish, pearl drops, gems and snowflake sticker added from my stash.

Snowman Kit (some assembly required) ornament - I saw a version of this ornament online and knew I had to recreate it. The original was in a tin and I decided an ornament that could go on the tree better suited me. Isn't it super cute? Inside the ornament is glittery artificial snow, a paper top hat cut with the Cricut, a stamped and cut out scarf, some little twiggy arms a little carrot shaped nose and a few buttons for eyes. Each time you shake it you get a different assortment of snowman parts on top! The kids love it. Only the tag, the scarf and the back piece of paper are from the kit, but this was a must make. ( a quick tip if you are going to lift my lift... make all your parts double sided so it doesn't matter which way they land!)

A top view.

A side view with a "jolly" sticker added for fun.

Back view.

Each year I carry around a Christmas journal, in which I keep notes about gifts to buy (and a tracking sheet of those already purchased) baking to be done, and decorating ideas from years past that work for me, as well as ideas to try. This pretty little journal, made with the kit, will have me all set for next year! Gems, ribbons and chipboard tree added from my stash.

Side view of journal.

Mitten card. Ribbons, gem and candy cane embossing powder added from my stash.

You can check out the rest of the DT's entries here.

Have a scrappy day!