Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All okay....

Hi all, haven't had a lot of time for scrappy stuff lately. Though, I did attend the hostess club I am in on Friday night. We all copied the layout from page 68 in the January issue of Creating Keepsakes (sorry I can't tell you the designer, as that is all the info I remember off the top of my head). I will have to find some time to scan my take on it and post it here, with the designer's name. It was a fun layout to work on as a group. And I got to scrap photos that I had been meaning to get to for quite some time but kept putting off as I was using "Thomas the Tank" paper that I have used a few times already and it no longer inspires me. Though I do like how this layout turned out, so I guess procrastinating paid off for me this time! lol

Homeschooling is going well, we have made some gains already which makes me feel more confident about my choice. My little man is so smart and so fun to be with and he is trying so hard. I am really proud of him!

I got feedback from our school board and they are not giving me a hard time about my choice so that is also a good thing, one less hassle.

Anyway.... I hope you have a peaceful day and squeeze in even a few moments of you time!

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