Monday, January 04, 2010

Playing with Copics

Well, for about a year now I have been wanting to try Copics but have held off taking the plunge, for basically two reasons.... the first being their cost, and secondly fear of becoming addicted, mainly because of reason number one! Oh and a third reason, I was worried about their level of difficulty.

Well, I got an email from a Scrapbook Store in Montreal that I have ordered from in past, informing of a 30% off sale on their site and Copics were included in the sale! I needed no further prodding a sale is always a good reason to shop! So I ordered about 15, then I took advantage of a 15% off sale at another Scrapbook Store's site that I am enrolled in a monthly kit club with and picked up a few more colours that were not available at the first store!

I was pretty much right about the addiction part, shamefully I spent the better part of the day ignoring my 'to do' list and colouring instead! tee hee! I was also correct about the level of difficulty... there is definitely a learning curve to these little babies. You can see that I need to work on my shading and staying within the lines (it's back to kindergarten for me!). Also, because I my poor vision I will need to restrict myself to stamped images with large colouring areas, the smaller areas are just too darn difficult.
Anyway, I am sure that I can use a few of these beginner creations in some cards, maybe with a few finishing touches the mistakes won't be so noticeable...... I'm thinking a class may be a better idea than just winging it! We'll see if something comes up nearby!
(double-click on images for a larger view)
Hope you have a crafty day!


  1. I have resisted the call of the Copics so far but every time someone posts images of their coloured in stamps it gets harder to say no!
    I love the little cute!

  2. Laura.. great first attempt with copics.. i just got a few colours and used them alittle but like you need beginners class to perfect shading etc... love your somples.

  3. So much fun Laura and these are fantastic! Copic classes at 2 SF's are FUN! :)

  4. great Job got a great deal on the copics for sure, i have ordered from them in the past for the will come, as i was told from one of the best in the industry......practise, practise, practise, you are well on your way!

  5. Hi Laura, Your images look great, and like anything, practice makes perfect. Did you know that Copic has a blender pen that actually removes the ink, so if you go outside the line, you can use the blender pen to remove the mistake. You can of course use it to make colour gradations within the shaded image too. Hope that helps a bit.


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