Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A time for change....

This school year has been very challenging for my youngest son, as well as my husband and I. We have overcome his jitters about changing from the kindergarten program to the grade one program. Though this took several weeks to achieve. We are still enduring bullying issues, which are better but still less than ideal.

Now, we are also facing academic issues, as our son's language and reading skills have gone downhill since kindergarten. This is very concerning as he is not strong in these areas to begin with. While we are not entirely laying the blame on his teacher, she does bear a good portion of it, and we are not the first parents to have these concerns about her, actually there have been several. We asked the school for help and requested a classroom move, while the VP understood and wanted to help, her hands were tied as the Principal was unsympathetic and refused. In the hopes of helping him not fall any further behind this school year, and hopefully to make some gains, my husband and I have decided that homeschooling is our best option for now.

We have parented over 60 children and have been involved with the education system for over 16 years. I have spent many hours volunteering in schools and my husband works for a school board therefore, we do not discount the hard work that teachers do and the challenges they face every day, not to mention what a profound influence they can make in a child's life, when it is a good fit. However, as challenging as it will be to home school our son, we feel it is in best interest right now. I am nervous about this new venture for us, but am also looking forward to it for many, many reasons. I'm sure it will be hugely different from my background as an administrator for a large telecommunications company (lol)!

Wish us luck as we go forward with our new path! I will keep you posted on our progress.

Wishing happy days for all!

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  1. I truly believe Laura that if we don't advocate for our children nobody else will. Kudos to you for knowing what is best for your son and having the strength to follow through.
    Don't doubt yourself, you will do a marvelous job!


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