Saturday, February 20, 2010

In the swim of things

Last night I broke free for a bit, and spent some much needed time with my scrappy friends (thanks for a great evening Elaine, Anita, Sheri, Lee, Victoria, Rebecca and Jenn!)

This is what I created ...

I hope you get some play time this weekend! tyfl!


  1. whitaker!! my favourite band on your blog...:) glad you girls had fun. laura

  2. Great layout Laura!! Love the title and the colours/line are FAB-IO!!!

  3. I love it Laura! I have actually had lots of time to play this weekend and I created 4 layouts!!! It feels so good to have time to be creative.

    BTW - I have sent something special to you! Visit my blog to see what it is:)

  4. Laura, fab layout.. love the colouring and the accents ..great job


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