Thursday, February 11, 2010

Playing with CS Sketch and Marshmallow Bridges!

I scrapped with my friend Victoria, last Friday night using Creative Scrappers sketch #87 and this is how it turned out. I am really starting to like playing with sketches, they are especially great when scrapping and socializing, it must be the aging process kicking in but I feel like I can't think about designing a layout and talk at the same time anymore!

After playing out in the snow yesterday, I made Timmy a hot chocolate and gave him the bag of mini marshmallows. He doesn't really like marshmallows, nor does anyone else in the house, but he always asks for them when we go grocery shopping. So I assumed he wanted them for his hot chocolate. Well I guess not! To go with his marshmallows he asked for toothpicks and created this, it is reminiscent of a bridge we crossed during our getaway over the Christmas break. I'm thinking budding architect, his creative side and his mad math skills seem to be a winning combination! (Oh and if you noticed the haircut, don't mention it, Ian and I are still heartbroken over the loss of his locks!)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Love the layout. Thanks for playing along. Yes, sketches can def. start the mojo flowin'!!

    What an awesome creation that marshmellow bridge is, looks like a lot of fun!!


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