Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Scrap Therapy

Yesterday was a tough day, our little guy had a seizure, and while these are not uncommon for him, we thought we knew all of his "triggers". Basically, for him he will have a seizure (grand mal type of thing) if he experiences a sudden unexpected pain (possibly a fall off of his bike that results in a severely skinned knee, his mood can also plays a factor, but in conjunction with pain).

Anyway yesterday, while homeschooling him, he was standing beside my desk reading to me and he started to seize out of the blue, no triggers, no nothing, and ended up having a full blown seizure. He came through fine, actually requiring less recovery time than usual, but I was seriously freaked out (I feel so bad for my baby). And more so, because now I feel as if we no longer have the answers to the 'why's' of the seizure, I am feeling like we need to start from scratch with investigating them again. However, that is for another day.

For today, I am thankful for my friend, Anita, offering me some of her precious free time last evening for scrap therapy! Unsure if I would be able to be creative I grabbed sketch number 86 from Creative Scrappers (you can find it here) and off I went.

This is my take on the sketch.....

Love that little face, always makes me feel better to play with his pics! Thanks again, Anita!

Hope you all get some scrap therapy soon!


  1. Gorgeous layout Laura! So sorry Timmy and you had to go through that. I can only imagine how hard it must be.
    Joanne xo


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