Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mad stamping skills!

My little Timmy was super crafty yesterday, making these little 3 x 3 thank you cards to thank everyone for his birthday gifts! I can't believe how skilled he is getting at creating!

Me on the other hand.... well I have been feeling the need to crate for some time now, but between keeping the house clean for viewings and boot camp, I have been too tired! Hopefully soon, as I have some things that I need to take care of.

Hope you're having a crafty day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The scrapping of our Disney trip is going slow and not so steady, but I did manage to complete a layout the other day.

While in Disney we stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort (I highly recommend it for those looking for a moderate resort that allows you to de-disneyfy when taking your downtime from the parks, it is very calm and relaxing.) Anyway, at this resort there is always a doorman on duty, and as well as giving great tips on which park to venture to on a given day and how to 'do' that park, he was always ready for a chit chat or pin swap with the kids. He was also very generous with 'wish' tokens for the fountain in the lobby. The kids counted on it when they saw him, though their wishes were fairly hysterical since they already got what they really wanted ... A TRIP TO DISNEY!

For this layout, I used the "Carnival Ride" line from Scrap Within Reach, misc. flowers and buttons, as well as a chipboard mickey head (from Disney) and a wishing fountain coin (from Disney).

Thanks for peeking, have a great one!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

... in need of a good family ...

Well after what seems like a couple of years debating and some elbow grease, we have made the difficult decision to sell our home. For personal reasons a move back home to Hamilton seems the best decision, though bittersweet to be sure. We love our house (if we could move it, we would in a heart beat) we love our neighbourhood (the kind where passers-by say hello and chat as they walk past while you are porch-sitting), we love the many, many wonderful friends we have all made here (you know who you are xoxo). Not to mention, our middle son is staying behind to pursue his education and remain with his friends. But as they say all good things must come to an end, and the house goes on the market tomorrow :(

Thought I'd offer a few pictures of the little piece of our hearts we will be leaving behind.


The front garden.

Ian and I always evaluate a house on it's "Christmas Quotient", with the picket fence, this house definitely has it!

Family Room


Breakfast Nook

Dining Room

second half of dining room

powder room




upper hall


2nd floor computer nook

bedroom 2

bedroom 3

bedroom 4

kids bath

kids bath

basement hall

basement hall built ins

rec room

homeschooling half of rec room

rec room

basement bedroom / teenage boy space

basement bedroom


my lovely lilac (it's even bigger and more prolific now!)

It's not a massive house, nor is it a fancy house but it is a comfortable and cozy house that was built with and holds a lot of love and memories. It is a family house, and it is in need a new one. It is times like this I am thankful I scrapbook, so I can take all of our wonderful, silly and special memories with us.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday

Wishing a Happy Birthday to my great friend, Lee. Hope you get spoiled rotten and a little down time, too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

All I can say is wow...

what a week, make that two, it has been. We have been busy getting the house ready for the market ( I will post picks of our progress soon), planning and hosting Timmy's birthday party, having a bit of a cold/strep bug and then the flu, as well as attending boot camp.

Oh, and what can I say about boot camp .... it is HARD. This old bod feels every bit of exercise I have done the previous day, every waking minute the next day. There were a couple of days that I have wanted to quit, it has been that hard, one day I wanted to cry! Not sure if it is because I had strep and then the flu that made me feel this way, but I only missed 1 of 6 sessions to date, so I am kind of proud of that. And while I have felt like quitting, I won't, my goal is to take better care of myself and to be in better overall health, and this is part of the equation. Not to mention, that I do not want to set the example of being a quitter for my children. And after each session I am proud of myself for getting through it. After only two weeks I am noticing some baby step improvements too, so that is a huge incentive!

Now at the end of this long two weeks, I am in need of some scrap therapy! Anyone want to play tomorrow night?

Take care of you today!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to my little man!

Today is my littlest man's birthday, happy birthday Timmy! I cannot believe he is 7 already. On Sunday we had a family party and we all had a great time! Timmy is all about all things Disney right now so even though it was a small party we did a Disney theme, of sorts. You can see my birthday boy here in his homemade mouse ears party hat.

You can make quite a few of these with a bucks worth of bristol board (bristol board is long enough to wrap around a head!) and a bottle of stickles.

This is a birthday banner that Timmy and I made last week, he put Disney character stickers on each of the triangles. It's not a great picture but you get the gist.

And in keeping with the theme, this is the card I made for him.

And one final easy peasy share, mouse ear loot bag toppers! Scrap black cardstock, cricut machine and 10 minutes... done!

Have a crafty day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wow I cannot believe it has been over a week since I have posted! And what a week it was, from illnesses, home renos, boot camp and party prep, we have been pretty busy.

I will have some party stuff shares tomorrow and hopefully some home reno shares in a couple of days.

So glad the renos are almost done, then life will hopefully be busy with house showings! Wish us luck in the sale of our house.

Have a great one!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Hostess Club

Last Friday the Hostess club I belong to met for some scrappyness. This month it was my friend Anita's turn to choose a layout for the rest of us to scraplift. (This can be a sketch, a layout in a mag or catty, or pretty much any other source of inspiration.) Anita choose to design our layout for this month and she did a fabulous job! This girl used to be nervous about designing her own layouts and now she is producing mostly her own work, and enjoying it, with amazing results! You go girl!!

Here is my take on her fab design.

Have a scrappy day!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Brothers are.....


'Forever' is an every day important word for those of us that have gone through a journey of adoption. When I took this picture I thought I'd just use it in a layout about boys and playing. As I pulled it out the other day to pack in my crop bag, I realized it said so much more to me.

As a parent of teens I am not always 'in love' with every choice they make. However, I am so very proud of my big boys for not only taking our adoption journey with us but embracing it, heart and soul. They are fabulous big brothers and have given their little brother so much love and HUGE amounts of their time. In this picture my biggest boy, Chris, is doing what he always does when he comes for a visit, and that is simply playing with Timmy, a board game on this day, some days it's Lego, and some videos games, one of my favs is when they snuggle up in the recliner for a movie... so cute, like lopsided bookends ;) Love you guys! Jon you're next!

Challenging you all to look a little deeper at an ordinary photo, today.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wednesday's Little Red Wagon Challenge

This week the ladies of at Little Rad Wagon challenged us to use felt on a project. Here's my take, I'm lovin' the felt!

Hope you find time to play today!

Say Cheese!

One of the layouts I created at the crop this past weekend, a little nod to the cheesy grins of the toothless!

Hope you get to create today!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Homeschooling Update

Just a quick update on our homeschooling saga (if you tune in for the scrappy stuff, just skip on by this post) ...

Timmy is now reading, tongue twisters are his preference over a book as they are shorter and he doesn't have the patience to struggle through a big book yet, but they are much trickier to wrap your tongue around and HE IS DOING IT!

He said to me the other day "Mommy., I am turning into a reader!" I am so proud of him, and becoming a little more relieved each day! He told me I am the "best teacher in the whole wide world" and that he wants to be a teacher, too! Well, let me tell you the boy exaggerates, but I couldn't be more pleased!

Hope someone brings a smile to your face today!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Should I rethink....?

.... my New Year's resolution to be good to me? Can a person be too good to themselves? Nahhhh, no one else is being neglected in the process, Lol ! I ordered these three new Cricut cartridges on Friday and they came today, woo hoo! Take it as it comes, I say! Even if I am the one doing the giving!

Have you have a crafty day and do something good for you, too!