Sunday, March 21, 2010

... in need of a good family ...

Well after what seems like a couple of years debating and some elbow grease, we have made the difficult decision to sell our home. For personal reasons a move back home to Hamilton seems the best decision, though bittersweet to be sure. We love our house (if we could move it, we would in a heart beat) we love our neighbourhood (the kind where passers-by say hello and chat as they walk past while you are porch-sitting), we love the many, many wonderful friends we have all made here (you know who you are xoxo). Not to mention, our middle son is staying behind to pursue his education and remain with his friends. But as they say all good things must come to an end, and the house goes on the market tomorrow :(

Thought I'd offer a few pictures of the little piece of our hearts we will be leaving behind.


The front garden.

Ian and I always evaluate a house on it's "Christmas Quotient", with the picket fence, this house definitely has it!

Family Room


Breakfast Nook

Dining Room

second half of dining room

powder room




upper hall


2nd floor computer nook

bedroom 2

bedroom 3

bedroom 4

kids bath

kids bath

basement hall

basement hall built ins

rec room

homeschooling half of rec room

rec room

basement bedroom / teenage boy space

basement bedroom


my lovely lilac (it's even bigger and more prolific now!)

It's not a massive house, nor is it a fancy house but it is a comfortable and cozy house that was built with and holds a lot of love and memories. It is a family house, and it is in need a new one. It is times like this I am thankful I scrapbook, so I can take all of our wonderful, silly and special memories with us.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


  1. laura it is a beautiful house. so funny - my memories are only scrap retreat memories, I have never seen your dining room set up!! the basement looks fantastic. laura

  2. What a beautiful home Laura. I hope you can find another couple to love it as much as you and your family have. hugs Sharon

  3. Best of luck with the house sale and the upcoming move. We just went through it ourselves over Christmas, and it's not fun at times - but your house is incredible and I'm sure it'll sell very quickly.


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