Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Googly eyes!

Last night while the men folk were watching a movie I went down to my scrappy space (which incidentally is getting smaller and yuckier as I get shoved around from space to space making room in the house for other things, I am currently in the corner of the laundry room but at least it's somewhat workable). I had spent a little bit of the last couple of days packing up my supplies for an upcoming retreat this weekend, but I was feeling crafty and wanted to de-stress. so I pulled out my Copics and stamped a couple of images and coloured away (still want to take a class) both images are okay enough to use on a card, so that's a change, I am getting a little better! But the second image was calling to me. He is just so cute I needed to put him on a card right away! It was challenging as I didn't want to unpack and had to work with what was not going away with me. Check him out....

Isn't he the cutest little monster ever, he just screamed for googly eyes! I must say I have been feeling like this myself lately so maybe that's why I love him so much. (Oh and my hubby calls me googly-eyed in what I am choosing to believe is an affectionate way (LOL) because of my eye condition! I will definitely play with him again! I have left the card sentiment free until I decide what occasion to use it for, Timmy thinks it should be a father's day card.

Just as an added bit of info. this stamp originally had the sentiment "make today a play day' attached to the image. Well, I didn't really like the size the stamped image would have been and I think the monster could be used in so many applications so I decided to trim off the sentiment. I do cut up my stamps a fair bit, I find it makes them more versatile, and doesn't affect how they work. Now I have two separate stamps and I can totally see using the sentiment half on a scrapbook layout.

Thanks for popping by!

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  1. I Love this card. you are so amazingly talented. Anita


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