Monday, May 31, 2010

Rolled Flower Tutorial

Another fun and easy flower tutorial, though admittedly it is better for cards and altered projects than layouts due to the bulky nature of the flower.

If you have a circle punch or circle cutter you can start with a circle, if you don’t have one the appropriate size you can cut a square and round the edges with scissors. I am showing you this method so you can see how easy it is and starting with a punched circle is that much easier.

Starting with a 3 inch square of double sided pattern paper ( you may see some of the back so using double sided paper is best, but not totally necessary).

Trim off the corners, they need not be equal, exact or precise (don’t be afraid).

Draw a spiral around your newly trimmed square or punched circle. I used pen so it would show up, but you should use pencil. Again, it need not be precise, even or exact.

Cut along your spiral lines, then erase your pencil marks. You can always skip the drawing step and free hand your spiral. If you want to ink your flower edges do it now.

Starting from the outside roll up your paper spiral. You will end up with a tight little coil and a little flap left on the bottom.

Put the flower down on your work space so it unwinds and loosens up a bit.

Add a glue dot to the flap on the bottom and then gently press your flower centre into the glue dot to secure it.

Gently roll or curl back the edges of your flower to give it a softer more opened up look.

Add a gem, dew drop, button or other embellishment to the centre. I used CTMH’s liquid glass to adhere a dew drop but you can use pretty much anything that will not show or that will dry clear for you.

Here are a couple of pictures I took while making a smaller flower from a punch circle, again I used a pen to draw my spiral so it would show up better on camera.

Hope you're getting crafty with it!

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  1. Hi Laura, this is a wonderful tutorial. Thanks, will have to try this sometime. hugs Sharon


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