Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twill Ribbon Strip Flower Tutorial

These fun and funky flowers are another super quick and easy handmade embellishment.

Cut four strips of twill to your desired size, I've cut mine to 3 inches.

Layer the strips like so.

Do a couple of quick stitches to held the ribbon in place.

Layer a button on top.

Alternately you could add a punched circle layer under the button using a paper that coordinates with your project.

See I told you it was easy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

I am really loving handmade flowers and embellishments lately. I hope you are too! I find that if I don't have time to do a layout but I am feeling crafty, I will whip up a few handmade embellishments to add to my stash. They are super fun and quick!

For this flower you will need about an 8 inch strip of gross grain ribbon with stitching. (If you don't have this kind of ribbon keep reading, I will show you how to cheat it.)

Gently pull the stitching from one side of the ribbon ( hold on to the opposite end of the stitching so you do not pull it right out of the ribbon).

Tie the two ends of the pulled thread from the stitching securely. You will end up with a ribbon curl.

Make a coil with your ribbon curl and use a couple of glue dots to tuck under the unfinished ends, as well as hold your coil together

Add a button and you're done!

And now for the cheat!

I've used a contrasting thread so it shows up well in the picture, you could always use a coordinating thread so it is not so noticeable.

Run a basting stitch along one side of your ribbon.

Pull taut and tie to secure.

As above make a coil then tuck under and secure unfinished ends with glue dots

Add a button and there you go!

Hoping you get to have some fun today!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The other day I decided to play with this sketch that I drew quite some time ago now. I also wanted to scrap a picture of Timmy tubing ( if you can call it that as he was too scared for us to pull him more than about a km an hour, lol!). It only too us two summers to convince him to sit in the tube! Oh well, maybe this summer he'll be braver!

I had these fun glittery papers in my stash, and trimmed around a couple of the swirls to layer them on top of my picture. I really like doing this as it brings the background into the foreground nicely. This is a fairly simple layout but I like how it came together nicely.

Hope you get some play time today.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Slumber

I love this picture of Timmy having a nap on the couch with his puppy. And even though Prudence has passed on i couldn't resist scrapping it when I cam across it in my bin of pictures the other day.

I was in the mood to use lots of flowers and bling and felt that even though Timmy is a boy, the picture was sweet enough to pull it off. I made the butterfly with a piece of frosted plastic that was part of an advertisement in a magazine ( I knew when I saw it I had to save it for this exact reason). I die cut it with a Nestability butterfly shape and them embossed it with a Cuttlebug embossing folder. Lots of fun!

Sending crafty thoughts your way!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recycling again and another flower tutorial

This is a variation on Tissue paper Flowers, which you can find the tutorial on here but instead of tissue paper I thought I'd use some pages from a phone book that I was going to recycle. I'm now keeping this phone book in my scrap space, it'll be interesting to see what other uses I come up with for it.

Die cut a few sizes of flowers with several layers for each size (you can do quite a few pages at once).

Next I opted to ink each layer for a bit of a different look, but you could mist your flower with Glimmer mist as I did with the tissue paper flowers if you wish.

Add a brad to join all the layers together and you're done. (My apologies I didn't notice that my layers were a bit askew until after I snapped this pic, thankfully they were easy to straighten out.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Guys

I was in the mood to scrap some older pics the other day, I miss the days when all my boys were home, crazy hair cuts and all! I had a vision and a loose sketch for this layout but it would not come together as I had pictured it in my mind, some pages are like that, I guess. In the end I do like the page, though I may have another try at the layout I was thinking of!

I used lots of Glimmer Mist on this pager, my new Tim Holtz tiny attacher to make the paper ruffle, some rub-ons, stickers, snaps and twine. Hope you like it!

Have a scrappy day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

On Saturday we attended a birthday party for a sweet little girl that turned one, this is the card that I made for her....

I had fun using my Copics, as well as lots of glitter and Liquid Glass on this card. I didn't have a sentiment that I wanted to use so I took a chance and wrote one by hand. How do you think it turned out?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Glittered Flower Tutorial

Another quick and easy handmade flower.......

Start with a punched or die cut flower of any shape or size.

Add adhesive, I used my mini Xyron but you could use pretty much anything from a glue pen to scor-pal tape.

Sprinkle with glitter.

Pat down the glitter and shake off excess.

Add a pretty button or gem and voila!

Too fun and easy!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the great Dad's out there!

This is the card Timmy made for his Daddy, he's such a crafty little guy. If you click on the picture you can get a larger view of it and you'll notice that he inked his guitar stamp in three colours, he thought this was pretty cool!

Timmy has been planning on making his Dad breakfast in bed, in fact, he is planning on serving his Dad all of his own favourites so he can share with Daddy. That is the way he spoils us on our special days! Then Dad is going to sneak away for a few hours to fish in peace and quiet before returning home to cook us all a nice dinner, 'cause that's how he takes care of all of us.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paper Roses Tutorial

Been working on a few layouts this week, but it's been like pulling teeth, the one I currently have on the go on my craft table just won't come together like I pictured it in my head (lol) oh well, it'll either be good or it won't and that's all there is to it! I will post some pictures of layouts soon.

In the mean time, here's another flower tutorial. Enjoy!

This handmade flower is a little trickier than the rest of the flowers tutorials that I have posted, but if you follow along with the pictures it will all make sense, I hope!

To start with you will need 3 die cut paper flowers with 6 petals (petals should be of the same size and shape). 2 to 3 inches is a good size, depending on your project.

*Cut between the petals of one flower so there is a slit through to the centre.
*On the second flower cut through to the centre on either side of a petal, completely removing the petal (save it though you will need it in a later step).
*On the third flower you will be removing (and again keeping) two petals (keep the petals in one piece as shown). You now have 5 pieces for your rose.

*At this point you can ink the edges of the petals if you wish.
*Now gently roll back each petal on all five pieces of the rose. You can roll the petals back around a pencil or skewer or any other similarly sized item.
*Next you will glue the two petals on either side of the cuts you have made, on top of each other. A glue stick or wetter glue is preferable for this step, you will have to hold each petal for a minute or so, until the glue sets a bit.

This is what the single and double petal piece will look like.

Layer and adhere the flowers inside of each other starting with the largest and working your way down to the smallest. You will find that if your flowers don't have a hole in the centre like mine that you will want to snip one in the centre of the large flowers. Once layered your smaller petals will be poking through the hole in the bottom, you can fold this over or snip it off so that the bottom of your rose is fairly flat. You can now adhere it to your project.

Hope I didn't confuse you all too much!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Layered Felt Flower Tutorial

I am really enjoying the versatility I have when using my Spellbinder's dies with my Cuttlebug. I can cut through so many different things, and it has been so fun putting together a variety of hand made embellishments. Felt is super fun and easy to work with and comes in a variety of colours, not to mention that it is super cost effective!

For this flower, die cut three of the same size flowers in felt, and one flower a size smaller (you will see why later).

Hand sew a little stitch in the middle of two of these flowers to hold them in a folded position.

Adhere the two folded flowers beside each other onto the third flower, glue dots work well.

Cut a fourth flower in a size smaller and layer it over top of the folded flowers. Glam up your flower with a button and/or a gem.

Here is a view from the side so you can see the layers.

Have a crafty day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stick Pin Tutorial

This is something that I have been wanting to try for quite some time. I love the look of stick pins on cards but find they are either quite expensive or very girl-y (meaning pink!). So I wanted to give making them a try using colours of my choice. When I came across Shelby's tutorial for Two Scrapbook Friends, I remembered that I had been sitting on the supplies to make these little beauties.

First gather your supplies, I had some beads in my stash and picked up a few more a the dollar store, you will also need Liquid Glass or Glassy Accents as well as small glue dots.

You will want to use a longer skinny sewing needle as opposed to a pin in order that your finished product be long enough.

Start by dipping your needle in the Liquid Glass and adding your first bead. Give this a minute or two to set and then you can start layering your beads. You can help hold things in place while the Liquid Glass dries with a glue dot if you wish, I ended up not bothering to do this as it was too fiddly (I don't have tiny hands!).

Continue layering until you achieve the look you are going for.

Here are a few example of the stick pins that I made. It literally only takes a couple of minutes!

Happy crafting!