Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fan Fold Flower Tutorial

Hello, I am back with another quick hand made flower tutorial, this flower style was featured on a layout I posted yesterday. It is pretty simple, quick and straight forward why don't you give it a try? I'd love to see what you create, leave me a comment with a link to your blog or online forum so i can check it out ;)

First start by punching a decorative edge along your 12 inch piece of patterned paper, any style of border punch with a small repetitive pattern will do. Next cut a strip off your patterned paper that equals half the width you want your flower to be. For this one I used a 1.5 " x 12" piece (yesterday my strip was only about 1"). You will always want your strip to be 12 inches long.

Now start scoring your strip at 1/4 inch intervals (if you've used a small border punch like I have you can score your paper at each 'hump' in the punched pattern). I've used my thumbnail and a ruler to score my paper but if you've got a fancy Scor-pal go ahead and use that. I do have a scoring blade for my paper trimmer but i found I was cutting through the paper so I gave up on it!

This is what your paper should look like after you have scored all of it.

Now run some adhesive along the top of the patterned paper at one end.

Then adhere it to the bottom of the patterned paper at the other end. Your paper will now look like a bottomless cupcake liner.

Gut a circle (smaller than your flower will end up, or actually you can make it larger to sort of frame your flower if you wish ;) and put a few glue dots on the middle of this circle to hold your flower together.

Gently press down on your paper, the outer edges will fan out pretty easily and you may need to fiddle with the middle section to get it to lay as flat and even as possible.

Pop it on top of the glue dotted punched circle to hold it together.

This is a peek at the back.

Your final step is to glam up the top centre of your flower, I've used a Jenni Bowlin chipboard button and a blue shimmery button, but you options are fairly endless.

Have a great day!

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