Thursday, June 10, 2010

Layered Circle Flower Tutorial

This is a super simple flower to make, a great way to use up scraps and since it is fairly flat, it can be used on any type of project you wish.

Actually, it is so simple Timmy made one along with me, although this could have simply been to stall his bedtime!. As usual I chose papers in green tones, and Timmy chose his own papers in orange tones, surprisingly he did really well matching 3 different pattern papers, considering none of them came from a coordinating paper line.

My circles in greens. Timmy's circles in oranges.

First start by punching 3 circles in consecutive sizes. If you don't have punches you can totally trace and cut three sizes of circles. It won't matter if you can't cut an exact circle once you do the next step.

Using an edge distressor, distress the edges of all three circles. If you have hand cut your circles this will disguise any imperfections. This was the only step Timmy didn't feel comfortable doing.

Next we inked the edges of all of our circles. Timmy is a 'mean inker', the boy has serious skills! Don't you just love those little hands!

Now adhere all the circles together.

Choose a coordinating button and tie a bit of twine, floss or waxy flax through the holes.

Pop a glue dot onto the back of the button.

And stick it onto the top of your layered circles. I love that Timmy chose to layer his flower in an A-symmetrical fashion, I may not have thought of that and it looks so cute. As is typical for me I did mine very symmetric! lol

And here is a variation on a theme. When Timmy blew through the knees of a pair of jeans, I cut them into shorts. With two fairly decent pieces of denim remaining, my mind went to work, no point in throwing the fabric out I can certainly use it for something. For starters I made some of these layered circle flowers in denim. (Not sure what else I will come up with but I will be hanging on to the leftovers for a while.) Cool recycling, eh?

Now, my punches won't work on fabric and I don't have any dies for my Cuttlebug that are circle shaped so I punched circles in paper and used that as a stencil for transferring the circles on to my fabric.

Trim out the circles with scissors, no need for them to be perfectly round.

Layer them up with some glue dots and a button topper.

And you get this cute little handmade embellishment!

And since I mentioned recycling and clothing. If your children (or you) outgrow or wear out an article of clothing, and it is not donate-able to those less fortunate because it is in rough shape, have a look at it, there may be usable parts. Strip of the buttons and any other possible embellishments, keep a pocket to use on a layout, lace, ribbon, etc. is always easy to reuse. And the fabric can be used for flowers or as an alternate to patterned paper on a layout or card, if it doesn't fray too easily. A little fraying is okay since layouts don't get a lot of wear and tear.

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