Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paper Roses Tutorial

Been working on a few layouts this week, but it's been like pulling teeth, the one I currently have on the go on my craft table just won't come together like I pictured it in my head (lol) oh well, it'll either be good or it won't and that's all there is to it! I will post some pictures of layouts soon.

In the mean time, here's another flower tutorial. Enjoy!

This handmade flower is a little trickier than the rest of the flowers tutorials that I have posted, but if you follow along with the pictures it will all make sense, I hope!

To start with you will need 3 die cut paper flowers with 6 petals (petals should be of the same size and shape). 2 to 3 inches is a good size, depending on your project.

*Cut between the petals of one flower so there is a slit through to the centre.
*On the second flower cut through to the centre on either side of a petal, completely removing the petal (save it though you will need it in a later step).
*On the third flower you will be removing (and again keeping) two petals (keep the petals in one piece as shown). You now have 5 pieces for your rose.

*At this point you can ink the edges of the petals if you wish.
*Now gently roll back each petal on all five pieces of the rose. You can roll the petals back around a pencil or skewer or any other similarly sized item.
*Next you will glue the two petals on either side of the cuts you have made, on top of each other. A glue stick or wetter glue is preferable for this step, you will have to hold each petal for a minute or so, until the glue sets a bit.

This is what the single and double petal piece will look like.

Layer and adhere the flowers inside of each other starting with the largest and working your way down to the smallest. You will find that if your flowers don't have a hole in the centre like mine that you will want to snip one in the centre of the large flowers. Once layered your smaller petals will be poking through the hole in the bottom, you can fold this over or snip it off so that the bottom of your rose is fairly flat. You can now adhere it to your project.

Hope I didn't confuse you all too much!


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