Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recycling again and another flower tutorial

This is a variation on Tissue paper Flowers, which you can find the tutorial on here but instead of tissue paper I thought I'd use some pages from a phone book that I was going to recycle. I'm now keeping this phone book in my scrap space, it'll be interesting to see what other uses I come up with for it.

Die cut a few sizes of flowers with several layers for each size (you can do quite a few pages at once).

Next I opted to ink each layer for a bit of a different look, but you could mist your flower with Glimmer mist as I did with the tissue paper flowers if you wish.

Add a brad to join all the layers together and you're done. (My apologies I didn't notice that my layers were a bit askew until after I snapped this pic, thankfully they were easy to straighten out.)

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