Monday, July 26, 2010

Magical Express

I am away on a little trip but I thought I'd leave you with this.....

During the summer I have been / will be getting together with another foster Mom, along with both our natural and foster children, biweekly to help the children create layouts for their life books. There are 10 children all together ranging in ages from 3 to 14 (our bigger kids have opted out, go figure!) and I am thrilled with how skilled they are. I learned a lot the first week... most importantly to make up kits at home and pre-cut everything so the the kids just have to adhere and embellish. Most of the children are too young to use a paper trimmer and it takes way to long to cut it while the children wait. Not to mention, 10 children and downtime are not a good mix, lol!

I have been creating layouts so the children can see the end result, but I don't have a copy of the layout from our first session as I gave it away. This is the layout for the second session.

I'm not sure why my scans have a fishbowl effect, but trust me the layouts are nice a straight!

Have a scrappy day!

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