Thursday, July 01, 2010

Oh Canada, eh!

Happy Canada Day to you! Hope you are spending the day celebrating and relaxing.

Today is my birthday (meh), while I was tucking in Timmy last night he said "Don't tell Dad I told you but, we are bringing you breakfast in bed tomorrow!" So cute! And the best part is Timmy always let's me share my breakfast with him!

My plans for the day include a run, some me time in my scrappy space, a nice dinner with the fam fixed by my hubby! Oh, and probably laundry as there is always laundry! lol

Today will also be bittersweet ... the sweet has to do with my New Year's resolution to be healthier. After boot camp ended in May, I decided to take up running to try to maintain some of the new muscles I had gained and maintain a healthier lifestyle. I was super impressed that I could run 2km right off the hop, boot camp had really paid off as in past I couldn't run more than a couple of blocks! I set a new goal to be able to run 5km by today, my 44th birthday. This week I have run 5km three times, woo hoo for me! It is haaaarrrrdd, I feel it in every fibre of my being, but I am pumped when I am done my run (although the first time I did 5km, I didn't know whether to cheer or cry, it was sort of odd). That said my weight is still an issue, but I am strong and healthy so I am guessing the weight will come off, eventually, especially if I follow my diet better! But a girl has to live a little, too!

The not so sweet part about today is that one of my son's is moving to Kitchener to be closer to his girl friend :( and while I sort of get it on some levels, I feel he is too young and am not really ready for this phase in his life. Now, two of my three boys live away from home, in different cities from each other and me. Thankfully, Timmy is only 7 and much too young to leave me, so glad we have our little man!

That said, the house is not getting any emptier, we have had two new foster children placed with us in the past two weeks. Which also means we have had a whirlwind of appointments, meetings, shopping for necessities, play dates, phone calls, etc. Things should slow down in the next week or so and we can get on with enjoying our summer.

And speaking of summer Ian has one more week of work until he is off for seven weeks, yaayy, soooo looking forward to that!

Timmy and I also wrapped up our homeschooling this past week, too. He did so well and came such a long way, I am so proud of him. He gained 6 reading levels, and is a math whiz! We registered for grade 2, back at the 'real school' on Tuesday, so we have that to look forward to for the fall. The VP put Timmy in a class with a young, energetic and hardworking new teacher. I am really looking forward to seeing how that plays out. (And as a aside, if you have been following along with our homeschooling journey from the beginning... the teacher Timmy started grade 1 with, will no longer be teaching grade 1! No offense to her, she is a nice enough person, it's just that grade one is too important of a year for someone a little on the wishy-washy side. Best of luck to her, though.)

Now we just need our silly old house to sell, so I can work on starting the next chapter in this saga we call life!

Oh and by the way, this is what i got for my birthday, for my scrappy space!!

Enjoy your day and thanks for popping by!

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