Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Grade

Well, what can I say.... not much about this day (or school year) went according to plan. Timmy started the school year by waking up with a swollen eye, a reaction to some sort of insect bite. (You can read more about this crazy day last September here.} It was also a lousy school year, to say the least, which ended in me homeschooling Timmy. (You can read more about that choice here.)

Despite all of that, I really wanted to scrap these photos, this day was an important part of his life. I was hoping it would be sort of therapeutic to do this layout, but it turned out to one of those 'pulling teeth' layouts, which I went back to six times before I decided to leave to alone!

Anyway, I do plan to complete this layout with some hidden journalling with a letter to Timmy that he can read when he is older. I hope he remembers this year with lots of positive thoughts, we did have fun despite a rough start.

(My apologies, the scan cut off the bottom, oops!)

Have a great day!

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