Thursday, October 14, 2010

A month of change

October is shaping up to be full of changes, new house, new city... kids leaving...

I am hoping they will be good changes in the long run.

Last friday my second baby moved out into his own apartment, with a friend.  You see he didn't want to make the move to a new city with us, feeling it was important to be near his friends.  So while he was at work, my husband and oldest son, moved all of his belongings into his new place.  It's a nice apartment, clean, renovated, in a good area.  All the things a mom hopes for.  But it's still hard to see him go.  He's not quite old enough (though he would disagree), life is hard enough, so why go it alone any longer than you have to.

We love you Jonny, stay safe and PHONE YOUR MOTHER!

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