Saturday, October 09, 2010


Today was a busy day... It started out with Timmy's football game at 10 am.   Then we went off to pick up our Capons for our big dinner tomorrow (we just don't seem to be turkey people, Capons are so tender and do not contain all the nitrates that makes everyone want a big nap after Thanksgiving dinner).  Next we did a power grocery shop and stocked up on all the things we love to eat on Thanksgiving.  After that, we went to our final visit of our new house.  We took Timmy with us, turns out the house wasn't quite what he expected, but once he got inside and checked it out it seemed to meet with his approval!   Then we headed off to Homesense and Michael's (a couple of favourite haunts) and finally the Petsmart (just because).

After a late dinner and some play time with Timmy, I was feeling crafty, so this is what i did.....

I picked up these frames from Homesense.  They are really intended for memorabilia that you want to change up regularly as they have hinged front panels and cork board behind the muslin background.  But I was looking for something to mount these starfish and seahorses on.  The starfish and seahorses were something my husband picked up on a childhood trip to Hawaii (they are real dried little crustaceans).  Somehow Timmy ended up with them in his treasure box and I thought they'd look really cool framed and hanging in one of the bathrooms in our new house.   (I think I want to go back for more frames to hang some of Timmy's sports medals in!)

Then I decided to make these........

I am making enough for Timmy to give his current classmates and also to give his new classmates, as he will start at the new school two days prior to the Halloween weekend.  Timmy will stamp and decorate some tags to attach to these little yummies!  He loves to craft.

Are you up to anything crafty?

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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  1. are those candy pops? I actually made some cake pops this past weekend for my daughters birthday party (as seen on you can see pics of them on my blog, they're delicious and no not just because I made them. I love your ghosts and pumpkins would love to know how you made em :)


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