Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Favourite toys on my scrap table....


I thought I'd share a couple of my new favourite toys on my scrap table lately, this tool is one that I had wanted for a while before I purchased it.  I bought it a couple of months back from ScrapMuch?,  and love it.  I use it often....

I like that it has two different shapes to cut the corners into, ticket stub and deco.  There are a couple of different Corner Chompers available from WRMK, and I am sure that all of them will eventually be added to my collection.  But, right now this one satisfies my 'all things ticket stub' fetish!

Secondly, and though it's not technically a scrapping tool, without it I'd have nothing to scrap or no way to share my creations.....

I received this Olympus SP-800UZ for an early Christmas gift from my DH, I totally love it.  It has awesome zoom, takes decent video, and  a ton of other features.  I use the macro function a lot and this one is pretty simple to use.  I have yet to play with some of the functions but so far I am loving it.  It is a great option for anyone like me who is not technologically inclined enough to use a DSLR and needs a point and shoot.  And this point and shoot has it all!  And a decent price point to boot.

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