Saturday, February 05, 2011

A little bit of everything!


I am finally back with some stuff to share!  Although, it will be a mishmish of this and that, taking care of business and getting caught up.  Here goes....

First of all, I posted a new technique on the Scrapmuch? blog Wednesday, you can find it here

Friday a new sketch went up, you can see that here .

And today I posted some sneaks from CHA, lots of great eye candy, which can be found here .

Now, that's the business taken care of, how about some fun?  CHA was held at the convention centre in downtown LA, our hotel was only a block away, and it was stunning.  There was always something to do in the area and great places to eat. One night we ate at Wolfgang Puck's and another we ate at Rockin' Fish, as well as the restaurant in our hotel.  I had no trouble accommodating my allergies, though I'm not really that surprised.  Everywhere we ate the food was fab and the service was good too!  We did a little tour of Hollywood Blvd, Rodeo Drive and saw some of the mansions in the hills one night.  On our bonus day, we headed to the Santa Monica Pier and did some sight seeing as well as some shopping on Santa Monica Blvd.

Check out the pictures....

the Town car delivering us to our hotel

our beautiful hotel room

the stunning lobby

woo hoo! sandals in January!

the view of the Hollywood sign from our hotel room window

okay, our actual view, the Hollywood sign is there but way off in the distance, that's what the zoom function is for right?  still a great view of downtown LA though

the convention centre that hosted CHA, only a block away from our hotel

the ScrapMuch? star on Hollywood Blvd

my father in law always wanted to go to California, but passed away before he could realize this dream.  I took a picture of him with me  and Elaine took a picture of it on John Wayne's star. Dad always loved John Wayne movies.

Dior on Rodeo Dr

Chanel on Rodeo Dr

the back view of our hotel, the pool is on top of the shortest tower

beautiful outdoor pool, the hot tub was great, but i won't subject you to those photos! haha
at Wolfgang Pucks
Miss Hollywood
sporting my new hat, thanks WRMK

heading down the Santa Monica Pier

stopping to play along with a really good street performer, he was quite the illuisionist

on the pier, what a beautiful day

shopping on Santa Monica Blvd

heading home to the hotel after a long day at the trade show

dinner at the hotel

Anita and Elaine, ScrapMuch? owners and great girls!
 Many hugs and thanks to Anita and Elaine for bringin me along on the trip, it was a thrill of a lifetime!

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