Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glimmermist Tutorial

Hello all!

It has been quite a week around our house already.  We are all out of sorts, we don't know if we are coming or going and we are just trying to complete as much of our to do lists as possible.  You see my Mum-in-law passed away late last Wednesday night, it was all of a sudden - completely unexpected as a result of a fall down the stairs.  Our eldest son was at her home at the time, he heard her fall and went running to help, he performed CPR, but could not revive her, nor could the  Paramedics.  He was a wreck.

As she was a widow and my husband an only child, there is an overwhelming amount of details that we will have to attend to now and in the next while in order to ensure all of her affairs are taken care of.  It has been an incredible blow to our children, our youngest especially as he has never had to deal with death and he doesn't understand why it had to be his Grandma. Today I wished my hugs could erase his tears.  Poor baby has had such a tough week:(

As a result I am behind on a few of my own to do's, not that anyone would really mind.  Usually my tutorials are completed a couple of days in advance, just in case.  This week I am down to the wire, it is 1 AM and I am finally getting it up onto the blog, ready to release in the morning.  Oh well.

I created this tutorial for ScrapMuch?, it is all about Glimmermisting and I thought I'd share it here too!  Don't forget to scroll down and turn off the sound on the music player first ;)

 And here are some still pictures of the cards that were created on the video.....

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate your time!  Hope you get some crafty time today!  And hug your babies a little more today.


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  1. Laura, {{Big hugs}}
    So sorry to hear of your loss.

    Your cards are lovely - the butterfly and polka dots especially catches my fancy.


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