Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pleated Cardstock Flower Tutorial

Hello blog friends!

I have another tutorial to share with you this week.  I created this video for  ScrapMuch?, and as a bonus I get to share it here, too!  This week I found a pleated cardstock flower to demo for you.  It's quick and easy and requires no special tool.  Hope you enjoy it. (Don't forget to scroll down and turn off the music before you start the video.)

I know the flower is a little hard to see in the video (still working on my video-ing skills), here is a closer look at the flower. You can see in the second picture that I added some inking to the edges, I really like t his effect, but it's personal choice.

And here is a look at the card that I created this flower for....

And a close up of the flower on the card....

Thanks for coming to visit me again! I love having you pop by.

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