Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Technique Wednesday

Hello all!

I came across this technique a couple of weeks back and it was super timely for me, I thought I'd share it hear so you can try it too!

A few months ago I came across a few Beatrix Potter books while my husband and I were antiquing.  I picked them up with the intention of using them in a card or another project.  They brought back such sweet memories of snuggling and reading to my big boys when they were babes.
Look how sweet the illustrations are.   But, when the time came to create with them, I couldn't bring myself to cut out the pictures... I didn't want to ruin the whole book for a few pictures, it seemed so wrong since we have always told our boys that books are precious and something to be treasured or shared.
 Not long afterward I saw this tip while surfing the net, and thought I'd share it with you.

Scan or photocopy your favourite storybook images, then take it one step further and print them onto textured white cardstock.  They look like original pieces of art! 
 Now add it to your creation.  Beautiful right?  This is the card I shared on Easter Sunday.
Just as a caution, all images in books are copyrighted.  Using them for your personal use is okay, but not for the purpose of selling your creations.

Thanks for popping in to see what I have been up to!

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  1. Great idea Laura! I think the copy on textured paper looks better and you saved the book so it's a win-win!


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