Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary to the one I adore!

hello all!

I am popping in to wish my beloved a happy 24th anniversary!  I am still away at the retreat and won't be home to have dinner with him ...

... maybe a quiet celebratory drink together late tonight.  But that's okay we WILL celebrate, some time in this crazy busy month, we will make a few hours to enjoy a 'grown up' meal together, just him and I. 

But for now Ian, I want to tell you that I love you, to the core of my being.  I love you for being the crazy blend of gentleman and cro-magnum that you are.  For making me laugh every day, usually til I snort.  For making time for the two of us.  For making our homes beautiful.  For supporting my passion.  For truly co-parenting.  For embracing my quirkiness (you can read between the lines).  For working like a crazy man on our new home.  For holding my hand.  For being there through the good times and the trying times.    For spoiling me when I needed it.  For reminding me of why we are doing this.  For being my friend, too.  For being the perfect husband for a visually impaired woman.  For being you.  And for letting me be me.  And for so very many more reasons.

Happy Anniversary my darlin' - twenty four years, amazing, twenty four.  So very surreal.  It can't possibly be.  Loving you more today then ever before and less than tomorrow, for then I will love you more.

Remember how we always talked about doing something incredible and fun for our 25th, but it seemed so far off?  Well start collecting brochures 'cause it's coming up faster than we thought!  And since the planning is half the fun, let's start planning for some fun for two!

I love you and I will be home soon!

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