Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trailer time

 Hello all,

This past long weekend we spent at our new trailer.  It was super peaceful and relaxing, we all wish we could have stayed longer and are looking forward to returning as soon as we can fit it into our busy schedules.

Here is a peek at our trailer...

We were blessed with beautiful weather so we didn't spend much time indoors, but we were pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it is and how relaxed we were.  Even mowing the little lawn with a push mower didn't feel like a chore.

We spent some time out on our old boat, fishing and cruising Pigeon Lake.

And we loved having campfires.....

And what's a long weekend without some sparklers?

This little man completely wore himself out...

Can't wait to scrap some of these photos!

Thanks for stopping by today.

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