Thursday, August 04, 2011

Crafty Drought

Hello friends,

Well isn't not for lack of desire, but I seem to be in a bit of a crafty drought.  I have only been doing the bare minimum simply because there are so many others things going on around here.

We spent a week at our trailer and we are hoping to go back up for two weeks soon.    It is so completely relaxing up there.
My little Timmy loves to fish!
 We have been doing more renovations around our house,

this is our main bath, which has not been functional since before we moved in.  My DH put in all of the wall board yesterday and the fixtures today, it is functional but still needs some work!
our middle son (Jon) had a surgery,
This  inch bar was removed from his chest (it was put in 3 years ago during a very long and painful procedure).

Don't tell him I posted this he says he looks gross because he is so swollen.  I am just happy he is recovering according to plan.
not to mention I was away for a few days at CHA.  Oh and can I tell you what a blast that was! 

On top of all of the scrappy goodness we saw, I had my first ever limo ride!
And our puppy turned 1!

Today however, with the sound of a nail gun in the background I pulled out Timmy's old Disney countdown calendar and re-vamped it so he can start the countdown until our trip over Halloween.  No I don't want the summer to end, but we are excited to go!

This time instead of tear off number sheets, I added a little box full of cards that he can change every day.

Anyway, that is what we have bee up to this summer so far, how about you?

Thanks for popping by,  I will have my usual Wednesday tutorials and Friday sketches being posted even if I don't get to do anything else!

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