Monday, August 22, 2011

Taking some time off....

Hello blog friends.!

I have been taking a little time off from reality this past week.  My husband, our youngest son and I have been up at our trailer in the Kawartha Lakes.  Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!

we took in a children's concert by the locks, and went out for a nice dinner afterward

wound down the days with camp fires, star gazing and wienie roasts

had a blast tubing

enjoyed the pool at our park

spent loads of time on our old scow of a boat

had a few family game nights in our trailer's  little kitchen

played and swam in the lake

caught a plethora of toads and fish

flew a kite
We made new friends.  And best of all, enjoyed the company of my sister and nephew and our friends the Keith's.

We will be heading home in a day or so, in time to finish off a few jobs before my husband, Ian, goes back to work next week.  I will truly miss him being around during the days, it has been a great 6 weeks having him home with us.

We also have to get our boys ready for school, with one starting grade 3 and two off to college (insert squeal of delight)!

thanks for stopping by!

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