Sunday, September 11, 2011

A little sewing project

Hello blog friends,

The other day I set about to sew a window covering for my bathroom, which I did and I think I like how it turned out, but I don't have the hardware to hang it yet so I can't share that.

But I also made this little denim valance for Timmy's room, which did get hung and so I can share it with you.......

I really like how they turned out.  It is my first time with box pleats and I love them!  I just had to make things up as I went along as I do not know how to work from a pattern.  My Mom is a sewing genius, she can make anything.  I wish I was more like her!

Oh, and as an aside.... isn't that sign hanging over Timmy's window awesome?  We found it on a day trip shortly after we adopted him, it had to come home with us!  It has been hanging in his room(s) ever since.

Thanks for stopping by!

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